Monday, June 8, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Esquire up in hurr

So apparently now that Jim is in Africa, he is too cool to do Esquire Tuesday's anymore. I love the fact that doesn't have any copyright laws and lets you steal the pics straight from the site.

If for some reason you come here to read race reports, you got the wrong idea. If you want those hit up dan at, he's does a great job of posting race reports and photos from said races.

Glover, I feel your need for tuesday esquire awesomeness. Thurr it is up top-

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was having a thought

I was looking at pictures from RFK crit up somewhere near DC i guess, and I came to the conclusion that there is never a prudent time to wear a skinsuit outside of a TT unless your name is Dave Zabriskie and you are going to kick in the break at Paris-Tours while rocking a set of 1080s.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Summertime is well known to me as not the time when classes are over, not the time to go to the beach, but rather the time of year when women can get away with wearing as little clothes as possible. Its a great thing; the mini skirt, the fantastically too tight white tank top, and the use of the bikini top as a shirt.

Now homegirl up top here has nothing to do with summer other than the fact that I would like to spend some time with her in the pool. I just thought her company on my blog would be welcomed.

This picture came from our dear friends over at, I have no clue who this guy is but he finds the most ridicuous stuff to post on. Fortunately, he finds a way to post mostly about women who are classified as hot, but not always. I find it quite the entertaining break from exam time to go check out what is going on over at the danza tap.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

City Park Crit

Jon at Cycling Photos does some great work, can't wait to see some of the other pics he took

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fools is confusing

This helmet just went up on That being said, april fools is confusing. This is the day of the year that I hope nothing terrible ever happens to me, since I'm sure that should I call anyone for help they would surely laugh and say good one. I never know what is true and what is a joke on this day. For instance, this helmet is probably the gayest looking helmet ever and is being posted as 90 bucks, this is without a doubt one of the gayest looking helmets I've ever seen minus anything that J-dub puts on his head. While its pretty funny to see some of the stuff that and put up it gets annoying when real news comes through that is real, like say that CONI is seeking 2 years for Valverde.

However the fact that velonews posts the main picture on every story today as lancenews is pretty funny.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jeff Cup

Jeff Cup was good, placed 13th out of 125 peeps. I was interested in doing a little better than that, I worked pretty hard the whole race to stay up front as I was warned that the pack splits on the climb. After the first lap I realized that anything farther than 10th wheel was unacceptable and unsafe, so I turned myself inside out to try to get into any move that went up the rode. Unfortunately I missed the one that did make it to the end, eh its whatev. Kyle got 2nd in the field sprint and ended up 4th, Dan cramped it up pretty good in the last mile.

I tried to steal a pic from some dude but he's got one of those gay ass copyright infringement things. It doesn't make sense to me that I can't use the pics taken from up there on my computer, I'm not askin for the pics to be in full size that he took but just a decent resolution version that I can throw up on facebook. I mean really the rights to that pic are 150 bucks! Who the fuck does that! It's a picture of me,I'm not buying the rights to the beatles songs I'm just looking for my own GD pics.

Amy Jones site is pretty legit though, she's cool with it. Unfortunately all of the pics she took of our field were at times when I did not look too legit so I'm not gonna throw those up on here. In the future I'll be sure to look more pro at all times, my hurt face looks pretty weak.

Back to doing the work I should of done a couple days ago, I'm gonna fail it anyways so its not really that crucial.